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Top 5 Deepnude Free Trial Apps in May 2024


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This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the technological advancements in online AI-based image manipulation tools, specifically those that digitally remove clothing on images. Furthermore, we discuss the ethical considerations and legal implications associated with their use.

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I promise that you will find at least 1 app here that you will love. Each of the apps on this list has its advantages and disadvantages, but you will definitely know more about this type of AI tools after reading this article.

cloth off bot screen

ClothOff AI Telegram Bot

I’m sorry, whose app is not free, but it’s really good. It is one of the most stable Telegram bots that undresses photos. ClothOff AI is really a distinction because usually DeepNude bots do not exist for more than 2-3 months.


  • Creation and interaction with AI-generated personas.
  • Authentic conversation simulations.
  • Multimedia interactions, including video and voice calls.
  • Personalization options for the virtual character.

Do you need more details about ClothOff AI? Check our 360 review here. To rehabilitate yourself, I’m giving you free tries to another Telegram bot. Everything is fair and simple – you have to fill out the form here and we will send you 10 tokens for free! AI-Driven Image Manipulation utilizes sophisticated AI algorithms to digitally alter clothing in images. While its capabilities are noteworthy, it is imperative to consider the potential misuse of such platforms. Distributing altered content without the subject’s consent is legally and ethically contentious. Users are urged to employ these services judiciously, respecting individual rights and ethical standards.


  • Free access with multiple image enhancements.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Optimal results with high-resolution images.
  • Advanced filtering options including age, quality, and specific traits.

Examine the first AI tool with manual control will immediately appeal to you for two reasons: there are a lot of free trials, and you can manually select the undressing area. Features:

  • Manual selection of the undressing area,
  • 3 main modes of undressing,
  • 7 options for body shape customization (premium option),
  • option to change the age of the model (premium option),
  • Gmail or Discord logins.

In the screenshot above, I demonstrate the interface of this application to give you a better idea of what’s coming. Prioritizing User Privacy

DeepNude.CC emphasizes user consent and control over generated content. It provides robust safety mechanisms to ensure responsible usage. This is one of the oldest apps that works after the original DeepNude.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Produces high-fidelity images.
  • Free access with an emphasis on image quality.
  • Features include filtering and image modification options.

Investigate DeepNude.CC

In 2024, AI-driven image manipulation tools present a myriad of functionalities for those interested in the intersection of AI and digital imagery. Yet, the ethical and legal ramifications of these tools necessitate a cautious approach.

Ethical and Legal Considerations in 2024’s Deepnude Applications

The generation and dissemination of non-consensual explicit content contravene ethical standards and are illegal in many jurisdictions. It’s paramount to utilize these platforms with a deep understanding of the implications to uphold privacy, dignity, and legal rights.

But does this mean that such applications should be closed? I think not. At the last meeting with representatives of the AI community, we discussed this issue a lot. Colleagues agreed that such decisions are one of the driving forces that move the AI locomotive forward.

For insights on other emerging DeepNude applications, read our comprehensive review.

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