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Best Deep Nude Apps in 2024


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state of the art deep-learning image translation algorithms to nudify female bodies

We tried to evaluate the impact of Deep Nude Apps on the industry in a study here. That’s why I know all the popular apps in this area today. Here are the ones I have tried and recommend to you.

TOP 29 Deepnude Apps

  1. Undress App β€“ you will love this DeepNude app because it gives you as many as 4 free trials. Undress only in Pro Plan.
  2. Makenude.Ai is a service that allows users to “undress” images of people using deep nude technology. Need to Try!
  3. DeepNude Telegram Bots – has an easy user interface for quick work! Check it All!
    • @ClothOff – speed&good quality bot. But Free only with blur.
    • @NuBee_Bot β€“ very fast – 16 sec. Has 2 Free tries.
    • @OKbra Bot β€“ New bot to try with 12 Free and 10 Paid Options.
    • @lsp undres bot β€“ amazing bot to undress a photo! With 2 free tries or more.
    • @BraUndress Bot β€“ has 1 Free try.
    • @AdvancedPi Bot β€“ get your 5 free tries!
    • @AnotherRemoveClothesBot β€“ 1 free photo(s) every 30 days. The result is quite good, but the waiting time is 10 minutes.
    • @clo less bot β€“ you will have 2 free attempts. The result of the generation tends to be realistic, which is good, but it also has its β€œterrible” defects.
    • @OverJourney Bot β€“ has only 1 Free try and it works quickly!
  4. X-pictures – an AI harvester for you. It can also work with boys.
  5. β€“ New Undressing AI App with 30 Free tokens.
  6. β€“ NSFW AI Art Generator: From hyper-realistic to anime styles.
  7. Soulgen – tool for generating your own anime or real girl images through texts and tags.Β 
  8. – a trusted AI online service that can produce the most realistic fake images on the market.
  9. Deep-Nude AI – Generator for Realistic Naked Girls Editing.
  10. – Deepnude and FaceSwap Website with 6 Free Generations.
  11. – online deepnude app enabling users to create their own deepfake video fast and seamlessly. 50% discount on the first subscription.
  12. Nudefusion β€“ New tool, has 1 Free try. Without paid Plans now. Custom prompt available.
  13. – AI nude art generator with free and VIP plans.
  14. Deepnude Online website app (aka Nudify) – undress any photo using the power of AI algorithms (no download software), try it out for free! Without Watermarks and only square photos.
  15. DeepNudeTo – this Tool has 5 free uncensored photos with watermarks. Paid Plans start from $10 in Bitcoins. Do not recommend it!
  16. – similar to Undress App but has 2 free tries and 5 generation options. Do not recommend it!
  17. DeepNudify – unlimited photos with watermarks. Paid Plans start from $26.
  18. DnGG β€“ HQ but without Paid Plan you get only Blurred Photo. Doesn’t work Now.
  19. β€“ is the best app in 2020 but has a boring captcha.
  20. SukebeZone+ – multiple photos and gallery but have only Paid plans for $12.99 per 50 photos.
  21. β€“ the official Website.  Doesn’t work Now.
  22. β€“ they manually create Fake Nudes of Girls You Know for $45 per photo!
  23. β€“ a quick website but has too many ads.
  24. – used an old version of the Deepnude ML model, with Watermarks.
  25.  – only paid options. (another name
  26. NDFY – Web app. No Free. Banned.
  27. – Do not recommend it!
  28. – Do not recommend it!
  29. Undress Love App – undressing App with 2 free tries.

This is a list of only the main services that work today. In fact, there are many more. We spent a total of more than 66 hours finding, analyzing, and comparing them. Not only for their capabilities but also for their safety and reliability.



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    2023-05-05 at 00:06

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    2023-10-05 at 15:05

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  5. Alex

    2024-01-07 at 05:44

    Try new Nodress service

    Our Features:
    – We use the most advanced AI technology developments
    – Only we give 3 free regenerations if result isn’t perfect quality
    – Absolutely anonymous, no registration required. After payment you will get code as login. We don’t save history of generation.
    – We don’t save history of generations. We permanently delete the result of processing and uploaded image immediately after you proceed to next generation.
    – One-off payment. No subscription.
    – No ads
    – The cheapest prices on the market
    – We accept Credit Cards, PayPal and Cryptocurrencies


  6. Munni

    2024-03-19 at 05:26

    They are all quite risky. Like the first one actually only gives 4 free tries and they’re only for lingerie generation, not to mention whatever the “free” means in the advertisements of other apps. All of them are pretty much random because you never know what quality you’ll get and there’s difficult return policies for when the outcome is bad. Which they are 95% of time. You need to make so many generations before you get even anything worth photoshopping further.

    • Alex

      2024-03-19 at 11:06

      Hi. I’ll personally check each of the points you’ve described and will make the appropriate changes to the descriptions of these apps today. First of all, I confirm that the generation does not always have a good result, it depends very much on your photo. I usually have a major problem with this, because ordinary photos in 99% of cases are not model photos. For modern AI models, it is extremely difficult. That is why I spend 3-5 attempts to get a good result. Thank you for your review! I appreciate the clear feedback!

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