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We have been monitoring projects similar to the original Deepnude for over 3 years. Each month, I discover 2-3 new projects which I share in my newsletter. However, during the same period, another 1-2 service disappear. I would like to highlight the best and most remarkable Deepnude projects that have ceased to exist. I hope their developers simply found good jobs and stopped “playing” with these projects. Generally, there are two ways these apps die: closure or blocking. Closures can be voluntary or due to public outcry. The first Deepnude was shut down under public pressure. In the case of Telegram bots, the most common reason for their demise is blocking due to numerous complaints.

TOP Killed Deepnude-Like Projects

This list is formed based on my personal preferences, so there won’t be any objective selection criteria, apart from the “date of death” of the app. This is more of a way to retrospectively look at this industry and the trends that have prevailed in each period of time.

Deepnude (27 Jan 2019 – 28 Jun 2019)

The original Deepnude app, which gained notoriety as the first of its kind, was a pivotal moment in the tech world. It used AI (based on pix2pix GAN) to generate fake nude images of women from clothed photos, sparking a significant ethical debate. The backlash was swift and severe, leading to its shutdown. The creators claimed they never intended for the app to be used maliciously, but the potential for abuse was too great. This app set a precedent and served as a wake-up call about the dangers of such technology.

#2 Bikini Off Telegram Bot (- Nov 2023)

#3 XXXray Bot (11 Aug 2023 – 4 Mar 2024)

It’s also important to note the negative impact of these types of apps. They often contribute to the spread of non-consensual explicit content and can be used for malicious purposes, causing harm to individuals’ reputations and mental health. The ethical implications of such technology cannot be ignored, and its potential for abuse is a significant concern.

If I missed an app that you find interesting, let me know quickly! Truly interesting examples will earn you gifts.

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