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Best Ways to Generate AI Nude for FREE


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state of the art deep-learning image translation algorithms to nudify female bodies

AI nude refers to nude images generated from text by AI or deepfake nudes generated by deepnude technique. With today’s AI technology, regular people can create their own AI nude art in a matter of seconds and it can be better than the hottest animations and artworks you see on the internet.

Stay with us on this one as we show you how you can make the best AI nude.

Top 8 Ways to Make AI Nude

Before you start this journey, check Best Deepnude bot in 2024 – high-quality and speedy and 1 free try. Alternatives:

  • UndressApp – you will love this DeepNude app because it gives you as many as 4 free trials. Undress only in Pro Plan. This is achieved by allowing you to manually edit the undress zone.
  • @lsp Undres bot – amazing bot to undress a photo! With 2 free tries or more.
  • JoyAI Undress – get 5 free tries, works fast and has good result. I recommend!
  • – quality AI nudes at a much more affordable price than 99% of products on the market! On top of the smart and user-friendly interfaces to select “undress zone”, you can have almost unlimited access to the service!
  • Makenude.Ai is a service that allows users to “undress” images of people using deepnude technology. Price from $9.99/mo
  • @BB-Nude – very–very slow bot (2-9 mins per photo) but has good quality and 1 Free try. Each photo processing costs $1.00 (Crypto).
  • Stablediffusionweb – web version with many customizations and free of charge without restrictions.
  • Deep-Nude AI – Generator for Realistic Naked Girls Editing.
  • – NSFW AI Art Generator: From hyper-realistic to anime styles.

1. Soulgen

This is a text-to-image generator that runs on AI servers with easy-to-use interface. The best part about Soulgen is its ability to create AI nudes both of real and anime girls. With this AI nude generator, you can easily turn any text you input into fantastic HD nudes.


Key features of Soulgen:

  • Up to 9 images generation from one single prompt
  • No NSFW filter, such as AI porn, AI nude images
  • Photorealistic and anime nudes pictures

Update: A new and exciting feature from the product Soulgen called “Edit Image”, which can be found at this URL: Soulgen Inpaint. This feature brings a revolution in image transformation, allowing users to edit their images using text commands. With a simple text input, you can add, delete, adjust, or modify elements within your pictures, truly bringing your imagination to life.

Soulgen offers free trial and costs only $9.99 a month to create AI adult images as much as you want. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step tutorial on how to use this AI nude maker.

Step 1

Firstly, visit the official site of Soulgen and click on the Free Trial Now or Generate button that is located at the top of the homepage. 

Soulgen AI website

Step 2

Next, you will see a console that allows you to write any nude description. You can also get prompt from Soulgen if you do not have any idea. After this, choose the style of your art and click on Generate at the bottom.

Soulgen prompt scren

Step 3

Finally, you will see your AI nude art in front of you in all of its glory. Try Again or download it and repeat the process as many times as you want!

2. DeepSwap

Another incredible AI nude generator is called This site specializes in creating deepfake images, GIFs, and videos. You can paste anyone’s face on a hot nude scene and create your own pornografic artwork. For only $9.99 a month, you get access to this phenomenal generator and it is super easy to use on any computer or mobile device. 

Let’s see the detailed tutorial for this amazing tool.

Step 1

Visit the official website of and click on the Face Swap Now button that can be found on that page.

DeepSwap website

Step 2

On the next page, you can add any video you want. For free, you can add a video up to 500MB, a photo up to 10MB, or a GIF up to 15MB in size and DeepSwap will then proceed to swap faces on them with any face you add.

Step 3

After uploading the photo or video, choose the face to swap by uploading any face you want. And finally click Face swap to finish the generation.


Sometimes, we imagine celebrities and other people from our lives without their clothes. Finally, with, you can take those clothes off. This is an extremely smart AI nude generator that allows you to remove clothes pictures. The AI on this site is used to create realistic nudes and it will blow your mind. Let’s see how this is done in several simple steps.

Follow these steps to make AI-generated nude:

Step 1

As always, you need to visit the official website of It is a simple page and you can add photos easily by drag-and-drop or by browsing your device. Add a picture to this page and wait for it to load it.

Step 2

After a couple of moments, you will be able to see your nude picture. Simply click on the View Image button and it will reveal itself. Of course, you can download it and repeat the process.


There are many AI nude generators out there and is one of them. This popular tool is also used to “undress” any person you want to see naked. It creates realistic nude images and uses AI to make them spotless. You can see anyone naked in a couple of simple steps so let’s take a look at them.

Follow these 3 steps to make AI nudes photos:

Step 1:

On the official website of, you will have no trouble finding your way. It is a simple page with just one button. Click on Choose File and pick any photo you want. Once it is uploaded, click on the UPLOAD button on the side that becomes available.

Step 2:

After that, you will see your uploaded image. You need to click on the Start X-Ray button that is under the picture. It will start the magical process of AI undressing for free.

Step 3:

Finally, after a couple of moments, will have generated the picture that you have been waiting for. Download it and run the tool again as much as you want!


The last AI nude generator we would like to show you is called It is an AI-driven generator of nude art that turns your prompts into HD images. It is simple to use and it can help you put your imagination to the test. Anything you write can be used to create fantastic NSFW AI nudes and it is completely free. Let’s see how it can be done.

Make nude images in 3 steps:

Step 1:

Visit the official site of and you will see the Generate button. Click on it to start creating your AI nude art.

Step 2:

Like in the first two generators from this list, you can use the generic prompts or you can write your own details about the AI nude art you would like to create. Once you are finished, click on the Generate button once more and it will create your AI nudes.

Step 3

Your NSFW AI nude art is ready and you can download it for free.

Comparison of 5 AI Nude Generators

These 5 AI nude generators have different features, prices, and net ratings. 

Our top 2 picks are:

  1. Soulgen
  2. Deepswap
Free Trial
Speed10s30s50s50s3 mins
Best forAI nude from textFace swap nudenude from textnude from textAI nude from tags

AI Nude FAQs:

What are Legal Issues when Using AI for Nude?

Just like with anything in life, you should approach creating AI nudes with utmost responsibility. The best thing you can do is just keep it for yourself and don’t spread it on the internet too much. Also, one of the best pieces of advice is not to use celebrity photos and faces because that could lead to serious repercussions. 

Does Replika AI Send Nudes?

No, Replika does not make any AI nudes. Even the paid version does not send nude images, it will only show you wired photo with bikini after removing the blur. The AI nude generators mentioned above were tested by ourselves.

Final Thoughts

Any AI for nude on our list will get the job done and it is a fantastic one. You can finally become your own creator of AI nude art and it doesn’t have to cost you that much. Your imagination is the only one that is being tested in these generators and you can do with it whatever you want. So, start creating your own AI nudes with these phenomenal online NSFW AI creators and you will see just how satisfactory it is.

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