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The Best AI Tools to Remove Clothes from Images


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You can easily remove your clothes from a photo. It can be empowered by AI. It is called Deepnude. This can be used to make people naked. This works well with certain photos. To upload the next photo, you will need to wait around 5 minutes.

If you don’t wish to wait, premium can be purchased.

Remove clothes in photos with AI Free and Paid Apps

  1. Undress App β€“ you will love this DeepNude app because it gives you as many as 4 free trials. Undress only in Pro Plan. This is achieved by allowing you to manually edit the undress zone.
  2. Telegram clothes off AI Bots is the fastest way to process images:
    • @ClothOff β€“ Free with blur. Try this out today and see how the bot can enhance your photos with advanced technology.
    • @OKbra Bot – New bot to try with 12 Free and 10 Paid Options.
    • @NuBee_Bot – Very fast – 16 sec. Has 2 Free tries.
    • @lsp Undres bot β€“ amazing bot to undress a photo! With 2 free tries or more.
    • @AIPiPi_bot (ex PPNude Bot) – another telegram bot.
  3. Undress AI App – Try it Now and Get 3 Free Credits to remove dress from a photo.
  4. v2.0 – a new (in 2022) online service that can produce the most realistic fake images on the market. Paid. Best bikini off AI Tool
  5. – Undressing App with 30 Free tokens.
  6. Makenude.Ai is a service that allows users to β€œundress” images of people using deepnude technology.
  7. DeepNudeTo β€“ deep fake nude maker tool has 10 free uncensored photos with Watermarks.  Paid Plans start from $10 in Bitcoins.
  8. β€“ is the best app in 2020 but has a boring captcha.
  9. Deepnude Online website app (aka Nudify) – Undress any photo using the power of AI algorithms (no download software), and try it out for free!  Without Watermarks.
  10. – Auto and Manual Undressing Mode. Do not recommend!

How does it work?

DeepNude was a software application or bot that used deep learning algorithms to generate fake nude images of women. The application worked by processing a photo of a clothed person and then using a neural network to remove the clothing from the image, leaving behind a nude version of the woman. It has two phases:

Phase 1

The process started with the user selecting a photo of a clothed model to upload to the software. The software then used a convolutional neural network (CNN) to analyze the image and identify the areas of the image that contained clothing. The CNN was trained using a large dataset of images of clothed and naked women, allowing it to recognize patterns in the images that indicated the presence of clothing (Dresses, Tops, T-shirts, jeans, leggings, jackets, pants, bras, swimwear, lingerie, bikini).

Clothing TypeDifficulty of Recognition

Phase 2

Once the software had identified the clothing in the image, it used a generative adversarial network (GAN) to create a new, fake image of the woman without clothing. The GAN was trained using a dataset of naked women, allowing it to generate realistic-looking images of naked women based on the information provided by CNN.

The network was trained on photos of pornographic actresses. Therefore, the result will usually differ from reality.


The resulting image would then be displayed on the user’s screen, showing the woman as if she were nude.

Is it safe?

It’s a photo upload website. It will start to process your photos once you have sent them. Finally, you can upload photos. It even tested antivirus. It is safe to use. I did not receive a premium, so I cannot speak to that.


There’s no stopping this so just give it time and people’s sensitivity to it will disappear.

Link: Hence, the estimated number of DeepNude images created up to this point could be around 67,560,950 images.

So, I’ll explore, innovate, and revel in the opportunities presented by tools like these Telegram bots. Yet, I’ll always stay rooted in ethical principles, prioritize privacy, and approach this AI-enhanced future with caution. When used responsibly, the sky’s the limit.



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