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Genvista – Undress App or Not


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Unlimited usage, NO credits system. Available on Google Play and Apple App Store


iOS link:

What is Genvista App?

The Genvista App is an AI-powered application designed for advanced image editing and creation. It provides users with a variety of innovative tools to manipulate, enhance, and transform images. The app allows for features such as generating fantasy and realistic visuals, expanding images, and creating anime visuals. It also includes AI-driven tools for specific purposes like changing outfits, hair makeovers, and replacing or removing objects and people from images​ (Apple)​​ (GenVista)​.

Genvista is particularly suited for social media creators, offering tools to design captivating posts, covers, and banners tailored for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The app also includes features like creating engaging Instagram Stories and Highlights​ (Apple)​.

The app is highly rated for its flexibility and the breadth of its AI tools. Users have praised its ability to generate and modify images with great detail and creativity, though some have noted areas for improvement such as better navigation controls and enhanced editing precision​ (Apple)​​.

Ratings and Reviews

How to Undress with Genvista App?

The principle of operation is exactly the same as when processing a regular photo, such as changing the color of a T-shirt or dressing a model. First, select the clothing on the model that you want to remove, then add a special prompt: nude, naked, without clothes, undressed. Try these options or mix them. AI models may provide different results. The more precise your request, the better the nudity result you will get.

How to enable NSFW?

NSFW is disabled by default and it needs to be enabled in the account settings via web app at

At first, I did not experiment with the prompt, and each time the tits were the same. Then I started to describe their size, direction, detailed shadows, and more. The results got better.

The biggest advantage for me of using the Genvista App is that it has no limits.

However, there are also disadvantages:

  • no automatic clothing detection
  • default mediocre breast results
  • detailed prompt is necessary

Genvista nude Prompts

  1. “Beautiful girl college student,masterpiece,Light makeup,red lips,silver hair,messy long hair,street background,beautiful,grace。Super fine detail,work,Authentic texture,Realistic movie lighting,8k,HD,Exquisite facial features,White skinny turtleneck top,White skinny shorts,slim figure,big bright eyes,,earring,necklace,Tattoos are”
  2. “Show me a picture of a nude model posing artistically.”
  3. “(AnalPOVFrontQuiron pose:1.3), (best quality), (realistic), (detailed),(skin details), Dappled Light, (look at viewer), (skin texture), (realistic texture skin), cinematic light, side lighting, ultra high res, best shadow, (Dutch angle:1.1), lightroom, cinematic, (intricate:1.4), high quality, intricate details, low contrast, detailed, 1girl, (penis:1.2), (anal sex:1.2), 1boy, sexy woman as Vegeta (Dragon Ball): Vegeta’s Saiyan armor, gravity-defying hair, and fierce personality have made him a popular character for cosplayers within the Dragon Ball series.”
  4. “I’m interested in seeing nude portraits from famous artists.”
  5. “Can you show me images of nude figures in nature?”
  6. “I’d like to see nude images that explore themes of body positivity. “
  7. “Two nude xxx girls with white hair and big penis in anal / back view doggy”
  8. “Mask=face,outline,colorfix
    Lock=nose, eyes, mouth
    Prompt=cum on face, facial”
  9. “Can you show me nude images that are tasteful and artistic?”
  10. “I’d like to see nude images that are shot in black and white. “
  11. “Can you display nude images that are considered classic or iconic?”
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. HentaiLover

    2024-07-08 at 11:18

    Thanks Alex for this post! I usually use GenVista for Hentai. I really like the possibility to generate landscape 4k images for wallpapers. I did not know that I can also remove clothes with their AI. I think it’s the most complete ai tool in the market right now 🙂

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