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Best 38 Deepnude bots on Telegram: What is it and How it Works?

213,637,110 Photos Nuded Now! How to set Up? Why people used it?


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My Favorite Deepnude bots on Telegram in 2024

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All Popular Deepfake Telegram Bot Names in 2024 [with Free Testing]

  1. @NuBee_Bot – Very fast – 16 sec. Realy good bot. Has 2 Free tries.
  2. @ClothOff – Good bot. Free only with blur. Try this out today and see how the bot can enhance your photos with advanced technology. ✅iOS ✅Android
  3. @OKbra BotNew bot to try with 12 Free and 10 Paid Options.
  4. BraUndress Bot – Freemium. But has only 1 Free try. ☝ Daily lottery.
  5. @AI PIC U bot aka lsp bot – amazing bot to undress a photo! With 2 free tries or more. ☝ Daily lottery.
  6. UndreeHer – 25 Free Tokens. Rapid Bot!
  7. Nudify-it5 Free Tries! Slow but good quality!
  8. @AIPiPi_bot (ex PPNude Bot) – high-quality, fast (up to 60 seconds in the queue). Each premium photo processing costs $1.00. ✅iOS ✅Android
  9. Unclothy – new quick bot. 1 Free Try.
  10. CloLess – one of good duupnude bots.
  11. @Nudify_info_bot – very-slow bot but has 4 Free tries.
  12. NudeHer – really good bot, 1 free try, but it only works on its own crypto coin.
  13. HotTokBot – not bad bot. But sometimes it is very slow. ☝ Daily Gift.
  14. Soulgenbot=BikiniOff – the well-known service has launched its own bot and cloned it. Need to Try!
  15. OverJourney Bot – has only 1 Free try and it works quickly!
  16. @Momo Bot – 1 Free.
  17. @Nudifier – 2 Free but very SLOW!
  18. @Swapoo – Free, but too many bugs.
  19. @SnapDress – little-slow bot but has 1 Free try. (review)
  20. @AIRemoveClothes – another bot with 2 free tries. ☝ Daily Gift.
  21. @AIphotolab – another bot with 4 free tries. But the quality is not the best.
  22. @AI Magic bot – has 2 Free tries.
  23. @Noodizer Bot – Get 3 free tries. Do not Recommend!
  24. @ARemoveClothes1 free photo every 15 days. The result is quite good, but the waiting time is 10 minutes.
  25. AdvancedPi Bot – Get your 5 free tries! ❌ Banned.
  26. @BraOff_new_bot – Another very similar to PPNude – Banned.
  27. XXX Ray Bot – has only 1 Free try. But I really liked the result! ❌ Banned.
  28. Dream Maker Botno Free! Do not Recommend it!
  29. @clo less bot – you will have 2 free attempts. The result of the generation tends to be realistic, which is good, but it also has small defects. Do not Recommend!
  30. @Bikini Bot – link – Get high-quality and speedy results in less than 20 seconds! It offers a free trial for the first photo, and after that, each photo processing costs $0.60 / €0.5.
    • The original bot was Banned.
    • Do not Recommend This New One Shit!
  31. @BBNude Bot – link – quality, out of box Chinese language, but you can switch to English.
    • Banned.
  32. @Fake Nude Bot – It generates not so fast and the quality is ugly. Do not Recommend This Shit! The free version has 20+1 attempts. Images are generated in poor quality.
  33. @PerfectPowerAiRobot – Another Russian piece of shit. 1 free try, but don’t waste your time!
  34. @NudesFakerRobot – is not working.
  35. @DeepNudeChat_Botlink2 (EN) – Best but do not work Now!
  36. @Deepnudify-bot – Only Paid options, Related ro russia.
    • Do not Recommend This Shit!
  37. @deep_nudesbot – link here (only Paid options from $3)
  38. @fakenudes3bot – new (ES)
    • @DeepNudeBot – is not allowed
    • @deepnudebots – is not allowed
    • @maloletki_v2 – is not allowed
    • @RealClothesOffBot – is not allowed

A technology similar to DeepNude, the 2019 app that shut down shortly after launch, is now spreading unfettered on Telegram.

Karen Hao

Our own research:


October 1, 2023: We monitor the performance of bots. And we note if any of them have been blocked on the iOS or Android platform.

January 20, 2024: I’ve also added a “☝Daily Gift” option next to those bots that give you a chance to get free credits/photos once every 24 hours.



  1. Alex

    2021-09-08 at 22:06

    There is one more interesting bot for deepfakes generation.

    • Rgo gamer

      2023-07-02 at 11:22

      how to use it

    • Alex

      2023-07-04 at 12:49

      Hi! It’s very simple. Upload your image on one of the services or Telegram bots we have tested. Then you wait in line for processing and receive the processed photo.

  2. Brit

    2021-12-17 at 13:44

    It pisses me off that twitter is focused on fake outrage while the real shit that affects women flies under the radar.

    • nigger lyncher

      2022-02-22 at 07:25

      Whiner. Deep fakes are great!

  3. Jastin

    2022-09-02 at 04:55

    Interesting article for developers

  4. Adrian

    2023-07-02 at 10:30

    deep_nudesbot do you know if this bot legit or not?

    • Alex

      2023-07-04 at 12:47

      Hello! I do not recommend using applications developed in russia.

  5. Luisa Mettews

    2023-08-22 at 01:23

    now other bot come

    • Alex

      2023-08-22 at 03:34

      Yes it is bot from service. Read full review here.

  6. Adrian

    2023-08-29 at 11:59

    noodizer_bot how to use this bot?

    • Alex

      2023-09-29 at 12:44

      To generate a photo, first send it to Noodizer and reply to the photo with /generate command.

  7. Reya

    2024-01-15 at 00:02

    any for for man undress also?

  8. Peter James Wansiak

    2024-01-28 at 22:40

    like this site
    agree with

  9. Reichow

    2024-02-06 at 15:17

    The link for BraUndress seems to be incorrect.

    • Alex

      2024-02-07 at 03:24

      Thanks for inform! Here is correct link Bra Undress Bot

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