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Accreditations & Awards

We aim to provide unmatched quality by working with the best methods & technologies. We believe in going above and beyond even our clients’ high standards.

As a digital agency, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our clients.

We also pride ourselves on always trying to do something better. As a part of this, we follow best practice in everything that we do. Our accreditations provide two important benefits. They reassure the client that they are working with a trusted agency and their own quality management system can be safely integrated with ours.

ISO Accreditations

Blue Frontier is proud to have attained ISO 9001, 27001, 14001 and 13485. This means that we’ve managed to implement a management system that meets the highest standard for quality assurance. 

ISO 9001 logo

ISO 9001

Our entire business follows a quality management system framework.

ISO 27001 logo

ISO 27001

The industry standard certifying that we manage all our data and customer’s data securely.

ISO 14001 logo

ISO 14001

Achieved by being recognised for our effective environmental management system.

Partnerships & Security Accreditations

We are proud to have partnered with some of the world’s biggest names in tech.

AWS Partner logo

AWS Partner

We offer a range of services with specializations in designing, managing and migrating applications to AWS.

Silver Microsoft Partner logo

Microsoft Partner

We’re so pleased to announce that our Silver Partner status with Microsoft marks their acknowledgement of how successful we are at helping our customers achieve their business objectives through Microsoft products.

G-Cloud Suppliers logo

G-Cloud Suppliers

Approved supplier status on the G-Cloud Platform as a trusted and pre-approved provider of digital services.

Cyber Essentials Plus logo

Cyber Essentials Plus

The highest level of Cyber Essentials certification makes us a very reliable resource in cybersecurity. We are determined to provide our clients with the strongest security and make use of best-practices that new potential cyber risks.

CREST logo


We have a Certificate in Penetration Testing and a Certificate in Vulnerability Assessments, both of which are accredited by either the ISO, IEC or one of the other leading accreditation bodies. 

Hootsuite Certified logo

Hootsuite Certified

People who have this industry-recognised certificate show they have expertise in social media marketing.

Our Awards

You may have seen some of our work here and there? Well, we were awarded X accolades by this and that organisation which are in the mix below.

Techies award

The Techies Awards

Techies is an award scheme that celebrates hard work, innovation and creativity in the local IT industry.

Wirehive award

Wirehive Awards

Wirehive 100 is a league table among companies in the South that showcases recognizable and well-known agencies with high-quality digital expertise.

Drum Search award

The Drum Awards

The Drum Search Awards recognise creative thinking, strategy and innovation in paid and organic search.

Wirehive 100 award

Wirehive 100 Awards

Our work has been recognized as a potential leader in the field of UX Design. You can see our design, development, content and SEO skills at Wirehive 100.