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24 DeepNude Alternatives


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Check Now for the Best Deepnude Alternatives:

Programmers created a nude application that uses Neural Networks and Machine Learning Technologies to remove clothing from the images of women, making them look realistically nude.

That the software is based on pix2pix, an open-source algorithm developed by University of California, Berkeley researchers in 2017.


Pix2pix uses generative adversarial networks (GANs), which work by training an algorithm on a huge dataset of images – in the case of DeepNude, more than 10,000 nude photos of women, the developer said – and then trying to improve against itself. This algorithm is similar to what’s used in deepfake videos, and what self-driving cars use to “imagine” road scenarios.

Although much of the discussion around the potential harms of deepfakes has centered on how this technology can be used to propagate political misinformation and propaganda, it appears that the threat isn’t going away anytime soon. Indeed, that was how deepfakes originally spread – with users on Reddit finding ways to adapt AI research published by academics into creating fake celebrity pornography.

Why DeepNude was created?

Alberto said he was inspired to create DeepNude by ads for gadgets like X-Ray glasses that he saw while browsing magazines from the 1960s and 70s, which he had access to during his childhood. The logo for DeepNude, a man wearing spiral glasses, is an homage to those ads.

“Like everyone, I was fascinated by the idea that they could really exist and this memory remained,” he said. “About two years ago I discovered the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and started studying the basics. When I found out that GAN networks were able to transform a daytime photo into a nighttime one, I realized that it would be possible to transform a dressed photo into a nude one. Eureka! I realized that x-ray glasses are possible! Driven by fun and enthusiasm for that discovery, I did my first tests, obtaining interesting results.”

Alberto said he continued to experiment out of “fun” and curiosity.

Update July 9 2020, 7:55 p.m EST: GitHub removed the DeepNude source code from its website. You can read “Why?” in our post here.

The super power you always wanted!

DeepNude twitter

Best Apps Like DeepNude (Free and Paid Tools Included)

we find best deepnude clones

Deepnude Online Generator to Make Nude Pictures and Download
[TOP 24 List]

  1. Undress App – You can manually paint the bikini area. The app offers numerous free tries, up to 15 to be precise (the queue is usually up to 10 min). 
  2. All DeepNude Telegram Bots – has an easy user interface for quick work! Check it All!
  3. @ClothOff Bot – Get high-quality and speedy results in less than 30 seconds
  4. @OKbra Bot – New bot to try with 12 Free and 10 Paid Options.
  5. BraUndress Bot – Freemium. But has only 1 Free try. ☝ Daily lottery.
  6. @NuBee – Best Telegram bot for Now. Quick result in less than 18 seconds
  7. – similar to Undress App but has 2 free tries and 5 generation options.
  8. Makenude.Ai is a service that allows users to “undress” images of people using deepnude technology.
  9. Deep-Nude AI – Generator for Realistic Naked Girls Editing.
  10. – New Undressing AI App with 30 Free tokens.
  11. v2.0 – a new trusted AI online service that can produce the most realistic fake images on the market. Premium users do not have time limits and un-blurred image.
  12. – an easy-to-use online deepnude app enabling users to create their own deepfake porn fast and seamlessly. Quick generate faceswap videos, photos, and GIFs
  13. DeepNudeTo – deep fake nude maker tool has 10 free uncensored photos with Watermarks. ? Paid Plans start from $10 in Bitcoins.
  14. – is the best app in 2020 but now has a boring captcha.
  15. Nodress – New app. But it doesn’t work for me.
  16. – NSFW AI Art Generator: From hyper-realistic to anime styles.
  17. SukebeZone – paid tool from OpenDreamnet AI development team. Multiple photos and gallery but have only Paid plans for $9.99 per 50 photos.
  18. Deepnude Online website app (aka Nudify) – Undress any photo using the power of AI algorithms (no download software), try it out for free! ✔️ Without Watermarks.
  19. AI Nude.AI – is a nude maker to edits and generates naked pictures just from text.
  20. DnGG – HQ but without Paid Plan you get only Blurred Photo. ⛔ It doesn’t work Now.
  21. – without Paid Plan you get only Blurred Photo. ⛔ I don’t recommend it, it’s a waste of time!
  22. – Official Website. ⛔ Doesn’t work Now.
  23. – quick but has too many ads.
  24. – is worked tool but used an old version of the Deepnude ML model. Do not Recommend This Shit!
  25. – new project. ⛔ It Doesn’t work Now.
  26. – They manually create Fake Nudes of Girls You Know for $45 per photo!?
  27. DreamTime – Desktop tool. Try it, but first, you need to learn the basics of programming.
  28. DeepNude – X-Ray Image – New project. ⛔ It Doesn’t work Now.

Check our Comparison Table of popular Deepnude Online Generators here.

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Other 3 Fun Apps Like DeepNude

Links to DeepNude APK files broken. Many of these duplicates can harm your devices and can steal your bank account information. Better if you can take a look at apps like DeepNude to make sure you use them safely. We dived deep into the Internet and found you some fun and very similar applications that are still available.

#1. Nomao Camera Xray App

deep nude online

Best Deep Nude Alternative

Nomao camera application isn’t only a swap for the cameras, it can likewise supplant the display on your portable. So it is best to state Namao is an option in contrast to Android’s default camera and exhibition. Additionally, you should comprehend seeing shrouded objects or bare camera isn’t Nomao’s camera highlights. 

#2. Xray Scanner Prank

XRay Scanner Prank icon

XRay Scanner Prank is designed for fun only, it’s a prank app.

To use XRay Scanner, open the app and place the phone on desired body part to scan. The scanner will scan the body part and it will analyse and show you the X-Ray. 

XRay Body Scanner Prank will only show a simulated version of X-Ray of a body but not real one.

#3. Full Body Doctor Simulator

Full Body Doctor Simulator icon

The camera is used for the most realistic effect!
Scan people and learn how the skeleton looks like!
Play with friends in the airport guard or subway, scanning people at the entrance and exit!
Or feel like a doctor jokingly scanning patients! Play and have fun!
Earn experience points and unlock different parts of the body!

Yes, I know that there’s nothing better than DeepNude now.

DeepNude App for Android (APK) – Doesn’t Exist! Don’t Download It!

To be honest, there was never a DeepNude APK released by the developer. So the users who are searching to download DeepNude APK or DeepNude App for Android, stop searching it.

Exploring the Applications of the AI Undress Tool:

  1. In the Fashion Sector: Enables designers to efficiently project apparel designs onto digital mannequins.
  2. For Entertainment: Useful in creating special effects within movies and television.
  3. Photography: Offers photographers a platform to innovate with clothed and unclothed imagery.
  4. Artistic Use: Assists artists in discovering novel ideas in the realm of digital artistry.
  5. Educational Implementation: Beneficial in anatomy and biology education for visual representation of human body structure and form.

Buy DeepNude App Software

Last summer, the popularity of this app has grown and many references appeared on the Internet. After the official site was closed, the program began to be searched in other places. On some resources, they offer to buy an application or its clone. We don’t recommend this. 99% chance that there is a Fake!!!

What the DeepNude Website looked like …

Why Did DeepNude App Shut Down?

There are several reasons why DeepNude developer has shut it down. It’s for society. And it’s just because he feels the app can be used in the wrong way by many users. Now, this doesn’t make me understand one thing that if he knows this problem might arise in the future. Why did he develop this app beforehand?

Stop searching for DeepNude APK version for Android and save yourself from falling into a trap.

DeepNude App in News

  • Yeh, Chin-Yuan, et al. “Disrupting image-translation-based deepfake algorithms with adversarial attacks.” Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision Workshops. 2020.
  • “A deepfake bot is being used to “undress” underage girls”. MIT Technology Review. Source –
  • Arianne Cohen (May 13, 2020). “Horrifying DeepNude app, which undressed women, is replaced by an evil twin”. Fast Company. Source –
  • Samantha Cole (June 27, 2019). “This Horrifying App Undresses a Photo of Any Woman With a Single Click”. Vice. Source –
  • James Vincent (June 27, 2019). “New AI deepfake app creates nude images of women in seconds”. The Verge. Source –
  • Sigal Samuel (June 27, 2019). “A guy made a deepfake app to turn photos of women into nudes. It didn’t go well.”. Vox Media. Source –
  • Taylor Telford (June 29, 2019). “The world is not yet ready for DeepNude”. The Washington Post. Source -

What skills do you need to make Similar Software?

The core of the pix2pix framework is written with Python. To customize this algorithm for yourself, you need Python knowledge. Python is currently among the TOP 3 Image Recognition Programming Languages. The AI-based app was built for OS Windows 10 and Linux OS, and could utilize GPUs as well as CPU cores to generate its fake nude images of women from submitted clothed pictures.

How to install DeepNude lib from Github?

Check our Guide here.

DeepNude is a ML library for Windows that can be installed via Github. Download the zip folder, extract it and run DeepNude-master.exe. This will install the DeepNude software on your computer or server.

To install from GitHub, open a command prompt and navigate to the directory with the extracted files. This needs to be done from an administrative account on your interface and not as a user account. Once there, type: git clone –depth=1 –branch=master –single-branch –recursive


Download any of these DeepNude alternatives Now!

I hope you enjoyed our article about Alternative DeepNude. It will be cool if you find other similar apps. Leave a comment and we can update our list.

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    DreamTime is the enhanced version of DeepNude.

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    2021-07-22 at 22:59

    Anonymous, is that realy legit???

    • Tack's Brother

      2022-08-21 at 11:52

      Dreamtime is very tricky to get working good. can give much better results ime. U just have to experiment with how far u zoom in or out. Dreamtime has many more parameters that u can adjust but for me that makes it almost impossible.

  8. Ko Minn Ko

    2023-05-03 at 18:17

    How to use?

    • Alex

      2023-05-22 at 04:26

      These apps are very easy to use. first, you upload your photo. then you choose the options for processing. then you just wait for the algorithms to do their job. At the end, you view the result and, if necessary, download the processed photo.

  9. Hunterr

    2023-11-14 at 03:03

    You guys should try Nudify Online, its the best

  10. Daniel

    2024-01-05 at 04:18

    I love DeepNude! It’s one of my favorite apps. I’m glad there are so many alternatives out there.

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