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How to get Soulgen Credits for Free?


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Hello, I have some good news today. They relate to the popular service Soulgen, We learned about them last year in the Rise of Deepnude apps.

What do you need to know about Soulgen?

Soulgen is a website and Telegram bot that helps you to Undress a model on image while keeping the background and face intact. It uses advanced graphical AI models to process images.

Why is Soulgen worth trying?

Among nude bot enthusiasts, Soulgen is known for its quality and speed of image processing. For me, the speed of such applications comes first because I remember back in 2021 when the first AI projects processed photos for 5-15 minutes or even longer. Today, the models I test can produce excellent results in seconds.

I’m spoiled by this and don’t like to wait anymore.

So how do you get Soulgen for free?

First, If you haven’t used Soulgen then follow this link and get a few free trials right now!

Secondly, they give daily up to 15 free trials right in the app. Just click on the “Get Free Credits” button to do so.

Thirdly, our project has been holding Token and Credits giveaways for naked bots for more than a year now. Previously, I gave away BikiniOff tokens, then we raffled XXXRay tokens, and now it’s time for Soulgen.

The rules are very simple:

  1. Follow our partners on Twitter –
  2. leave your ID in under one of the tweets. Use command /info


I will publish the results of the draws here. Will you be the first?

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