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In one of our previous posts, we highlighted the unique capabilities of the Deepnude bot, which unfortunately, has been shut down. While that’s disappointing news, don’t worry, we’ve found a compelling substitute.

XXXRay.Me – bot link
@ClothOff and @AiPiPi – best alternatives.

Introducing Bot, a rapid bot that matches, if not surpasses, BikiniOFF in terms of functionality. This Telegram bot, accessible via this link, demonstrates its effectiveness through quick image generation times. For instance, in my initial test run, generating an image took just 16 seconds!

What Are the Bot’s Capabilities?

  1. Choose a standout photograph of a young woman from your collection, which should only contain images of exceptional quality worthy of admiration.
  2. Make sure the selected photo features just one subject, enabling us to fully engage with its beauty.
  3. Send over your chosen image, and let the magic begin! The result is sure to leave you immensely pleased.

We have already sent more than 2200 tokens for FREE.

Last Reports

sending tokens

Why do we hold such drawings?

Since the spring of this year, we have been actively promoting good AI applications. We have already distributed various tokens worth several thousand dollars. This helps people to test deepnude apps better to choose a really good solution for themselves. Since most deepnude apps allow only 1-2 attempts, it is not enough to understand their quality.

???? App Review: Step Into the World of XXXRAY ????

Usability and Interface:

The XXXRAY app provides a user-friendly and captivating experience. The magical essence of photo transformation is just a few clicks away, making the entire process incredibly engaging.

Core Features:

1️⃣ Photo Selection: The Bot allows you to choose only the most outstanding photos of girls from your collection. Quality truly matters here, ensuring you get the best results.
2️⃣ Single Subject Focus: The app wisely suggests featuring only one person in the photo. This focuses attention on the subject, amplifying the beauty and allowing for a more immersive experience.
3️⃣ Photo Transformation: Upon sending your chosen photo, the magic commences instantly. The transformation is seamless and swift, leaving you amazed at the outcome.

sample of generation

Pricing and Special Offers:

Both fiat and cryptocurrency deposits are accepted, so you can choose your preferred method to purchase tokens.
???? Limited-Time 50% Discount: Take advantage of this offer and grab tokens at half the price!
???? Hot Deal: Get 10 pics for just $6! But act quickly; this offer is time-limited.
⚠️*Don’t miss out! The offer is time-sensitive.*⚠️

bot Pricing

Additional Incentives:

Share the XXXRAY link with a friend, and both of you will receive an extra request absolutely free. A fantastic way to share the magic with others.

Final Thoughts:

XXXRAY Deepnude Bot is more than just a deepfake app; it’s an enchanting realm where your most creative and audacious visions come to life. The anticipation of the magical transformation makes every interaction with the app a thrilling adventure.

Overall Rating:


Embark on this captivating journey and dive into the world of Bot today! ????

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1 Comment

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