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AiPiPi Telegram Bot: True Overview


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Discover a new dimension of photo transformation with the AIPIPI Telegram bot. Use advanced AI to play around with the styles in your photos, and bring your creativity to life. Just send your photo to the AiPiPi (ex.PPnude) bot ????, wait for a minute, and your modified image is ready. Whether it’s a change of outfit or a completely new look, this bot is your creative companion.

info screen

How It Works:

  1. Send a photo you’d like to process directly to the AiPiPi bot.
  2. Wait for about 1 minute or slightly longer, and the bot will send you back the processed photos.
  3. Use the command [ /clothes ] to toggle between undressing styles. Choose from a variety of styles such as Nude, Cheongsam, Bikini, See Through, Office Uniform, Sexy Pajamas, Sexy School Uniform.

Invite Friends to Earn Points:

Get more from AiPiPi Telegram bot by inviting friends to join. For every person you invite, you’ll earn 1 point. Gather 5 points and earn a free chance to undress a photo. To invite friends, simply use the command [ /invite ].

Check Your Account:

To check your account balance and points, click on “Personal Center” in the menu bar. Remember, every 5 points earns you 1 chance to undress.

Balance Recharge:

Want more chances to transform your photos? Recharge your balance easily by clicking “Balance Recharge” in the menu bar. We support Alipay, PayPal, Credit Card, and Cryptocurrency payments.

Here are our current pricing options:

  • 7 USD/50 RMB for 7 chances
  • 14 USD/100 RMB for 15 chances
  • 28 USD/200 RMB for 32 chances (recommended)
paid options

For larger packages, please contact our support bot @PPnude_support_bot for customization.

Tips for Best Results with AiPiPi:

7 generating styles
  • High-quality input images yield better output.
  • Images with simple standing poses and full body shots give the best results.
  • Photos of up to 2 people are accepted. Avoid photos with 3 or more people.
  • Try to avoid glasses, masks, hats, and twisted poses for optimal results.
  • Support 7 styles (Nude, Cheongsam, Bikini, See Through, Office Uniform, Sexy Pajamas, Sexy School Uniform)
  • Support 3 breast size (Small, Medium, Large)

For any further queries, please contact our support @PPnude_support_bot. Start exploring the realm of photo transformation with the AiPiPi Telegram bot today!


New AIPiPi Bot Feature: Since 16 Aug 2023 You can choose Breast Size: select [ /clothes ] in menu to switch.

Here’s my example of generating an image with three different sizes. In fact, I expected the Small size to be closer to a woman’s breast size 1. But it turned out to be only slightly smaller than Medium. So I don’t see a big difference. Large size is really different from a medium.

Unfortunately, repeated attempts did not change the type and shape, apparently the program has prepared samples and does not experiment with this. But if this is a requirement to maintain quality, then this is a good solution in my opinion.

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