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Best Telegram Deep Nude Bots


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I conducted an extensive analysis of various Deep Nude Telegram bots while preparing for this article. Generally, this method of photo manipulation offers a significant advantage in terms of processing speed compared to websites like the original Deepnude. However, with the increasing scrutiny on deep fake technologies over the past year.

In this article, I’ve consolidated my expertise in this area to guide you through which Telegram bots are reliable and worthwhile.

I divide Nude Bots into two main areas: Undressing and Generation.
Undressing is the process of replacing the clothes in the photo with naked body parts by the AI. In this case, you send the bot your picture and it generates a naked version of it.
Generation is the creation of a new image of a naked person according to certain parameters. You write to the bot your wishes about the model’s appearance, pose, and additional attributes, and the bot sends you a new generated image.
In both cases, the AI generates an image or its parts as if it were a puzzle, using parts of images from the dataset it is trained on. Therefore, the main differences between nudity bots are in the AI models on which the bots are based. The most common in 2023 are the Stable Diffusion (SD) and LoRA models. They are freely available and actively developed by enthusiasts. Telegram bots use these models to generate images for you in a simple chat interface.

Key criteria

When assessing AI nudity bots, I use five key criteria:

  1. The quality of the generated images,
  2. The speed of photo processing,
  3. The availability of additional features,
  4. The cost per processing operation,
  5. The variety of payment methods available.

Let’s delve into my recommendations.

About the role of bots in generating fakes

Sensity Company, an AI information security firm, has uncovered a network of Telegram bots that produce nude deepfakes using random photos of women. As of December 2023, these Deep Nude bots have generated images of approximately 161,192,085 women, surpassing the population of Australia!

A typical nudification bot interface: DeepNude’s technology is exemplified in GitHub repositories, showcasing both the input image and the resulting output.

Process Overview:

How AI (GANs) works

The Rise of Nudification in Telegram Bots In the last four months, there has been a nearly threefold increase in usage. Investigations reveal that the majority of users request nude photos of people they know in real life, rather than celebrities. There’s a possibility that some users are teenagers.

Key Findings:

  • User feedback suggests that 70% of the images targeted are of private individuals, obtained from social media or personal sources.
  • A small number of images created by these bots and shared publicly appear to involve underage individuals.
  • The bot network and its associated channels have garnered around 101,080 members globally, with a majority (70%) from Russia.
  • These findings highlight wider risks associated with the bot, including the potential for ‘stripped’ images to be disseminated in private or public forums, leading to public humiliation or blackmail.

List of DeepNude Telegram Bots in March 2024

  • @ClothOff – Offers free services with a blurred effect. Claims advanced technology enhancement for photos.
  • @lsp Undres bot – Provides 2 or more free trials for photo undressing.
  • @AIPiPi_bot – High-quality, fast processing (up to 60 seconds wait), with a $1.00 charge per premium photo.
  • BraUndress Bot – has 1 Free try.
  • XXX Ray Bot – Provides 1 free trial, noted for satisfactory results.
  • OverJourney Bot – Quick processing Telegram Bot with 1 free trial.
  • @SnapDress – Offers 1 free trial but noted for slower processing.
  • @NuBee_Bot – Fast processing (16 seconds), 2 free trials, not compatible with iOS, only Android.
  • Noodizer Bot – Offers 3 free trials.
  • @AIRemoveClothes – another bot with 2 free tries.
  • @AIphotolab – another deepnude bot with 4 free tries.
  • @AdvancedPi Bot, @BBNude Bot, @Fake Nude Bot, @PerfectPowerAiRobot, @NudesFakerRobot, @DeepNudeChat_Bot, @Deepnudify-bot, @deep_nudesbot, @fakenudes3bot, @DeepNudeBot, @deepnudebots, @maloletki_v2 – Various issues, some banned, some only paid options.

Best Alternatives

The deepnude technology, resembling the 2019 DeepNude app, has proliferated on Telegram with an easier interface. Users can send a photo to a bot on Telegram’s mobile or web app and receive a nude version within minutes. The service is mostly free, but users can pay around 100 rubles ($1.50) for additional features like watermark removal or queue skipping.

The research team also contacted Telegram and relevant law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, about the proliferation of these deepfake Telegram bots. Neither Telegram nor the FBI responded to their initial inquiries or follow-up requests for comments by the MIT Technology Review. Patrini from the research team noted that there has been no noticeable impact on these bot-using communities since reaching out to the authorities.

DeepNude Software, when used on a local computer, requires a powerful system and GPU to operate a conditional Generative Adversarial Network (cGAN). However, the ecosystem of Telegram bots operates from online servers, making the service accessible to anyone with a phone. This ease of access is a key reason for the popularity of these bots, according to Sensity.

The “erotic” application of this technology could be seen as the first commercially successful use of machine learning in image processing, humorously echoing the notion that adult content often drives technological advancements.

Several image conversion options

Deep Nude bot offers several image conversion options, different from other apps:

  • Bikini
  • Lingerie
  • Swimsuit
  • Sporty style
  • Business style
  • Total nudity

For instance, the nudes bot provides two versions of the image. If the first attempt doesn’t satisfy, users can resend the image, usually achieving a satisfactory result within three tries.

The article also includes a poll asking readers about their likelihood of using a fake nude generator, with options ranging from ‘Unlikely’ to ‘Probably’.

What are the chances that you will use a Fake nude generator?


Drag the slider and make your voice heard.


Drag the slider and make your voice heard.


Exceeded the limit of votes from one IP.




Nude Bots Pricing

nude bot cost

Regarding best DeepNude telegram Bots Prices, credits are required for photo processing, with each photo costing one credit. Payment methods include:

  • Crypto transactions through CashApp, PayPal, etc.
  • SkinsBack for in-game items on Steam.
  • European and Russian card payments.
  • EU banking with direct transfers from specific banks.
  • Ideal for payments through Dutch banks like Revolut and Bunq.
  • Pix or Boleto for Brazilian payment systems.
  • P2P transactions using various platforms.

Some Samples of Deepfake Bot work

The article showcases samples of Deepfake Bot work and mentions the top 3 alternative solutions for generating deep fakes. It notes that while Telegram bots are convenient, some users may find their algorithmic variability limited. This is a trade-off for their simplicity and speed. Try Google to find more tests for all best 28 deepnude bots.

deep nude bots Samples


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